In this addition to the series of pet battle dungeons, we are revisiting the old home town of the Gnomes: Gnomeregan!

To start your journey through this dungeon, head over to Radek Fuselock in Dazar’alors “Hall of Beasts” if you're Horde or Tizzy Gearjolt at Boralus’ “Ruff Waters” for Alliance players. The breadcrumb leads you directly to the instance entrance of Gnomeregan, where you will meet Micro Zoox who will offer you the instance quests, start the queue for it and also sell you pets related to the Gnomeregan dungeon!

Your first playthrough grants an Ultimate Battle-Training Stone, and following runs in the Challenge Mode (no healing) give the new currency Pristine Gizmo which is used to buy pets from Micro Zoox.

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escrito el 28.12.2018

El acceso al telepuerto de Manapoof es una de las recompensas de completar Normal. Así que cuando lo hayas completado una vez (la 1º vez, la de la quest) te dará la posibilidad de viajar con su ayuda.