Powerleveling Guide

The most effective way to level up pets (apart from using Training Stones) is fighting against trainers. The majority of those encounters grant 5x more experience than defeating wild pets.
Unfortunately a lot of those are limited to just one fight a day. Therefor we need trainers which we can challenge repeatedly to use them for 'powerleveling'.

I want to list these here and also provide you with tips for this powerleveling.

1. Repeatable Trainers

1.1 Squirt

Since she is the most famous and best tamer for powerleveling she deserves her own topic. There are strategies enabling you do beat her in 70 seconds. On top of that right next to her is a NPC that can heal your pets after every fight for free. Unfortunately Squirt no longer grants experience to the player's character.

You can find her every 15 days in the menagerie of your garrison. A level 1 menagerie will do but this requires a level 3 garrison beforehand. Building the menagerie will also reward you with a Ultimate Battle-Training Stone which can upgrade one pet directly to level 25.

Recommended strategy:
Ravenous Prideling + Widget the Departed
Fight duration: ~1:10
Fast, reliable and safe for level 1 pets.

Squirt dates in 2021:

1.2 Tamers from Legion

Some of the tamers from Legion (almost all of which you need for 'Family Familiar') can also be challanged multiple times and give 5x the experience (just like Squirt).
It's worth looking out for their active world quests because only then they are available for fighting.
Unfortunately their appearence is decided randomly, so you can't plan ahead when to challenge them.

Since those tamers don't stand right next to a stablemaster you should bring enough Battle Pet Bandages with you.
But in return defeating these trainers also grants your character experience and that's why especially the short fights have become a popular method for leveling.
Using heirloom gear and activating warmode you can get (depending on your level, you can do this as early as level 1) as much experience doing this as you would from finishing a quest.

Here follows a list of the respective tamers, together with a recommended strategy and sorted by their effectiveness in powerleveling:

World quest: Snail Fight!
Location: Highmountain
Recommended strategy:
Gorm Harrier + Kunchon Hatchling
Fight duration: 0:55
Fast, reliable and safe for level 1 pets

These fights rarely require bandages:
Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen
Fight duration: ~1:35
Teroclaw Hatchling
Fight duration: ~1:45

Sir Galveston
World quest: Fight Night: Sir Galveston
Location: Dalaran
Recommended strategy:
Court Scribe + Surger
Fight duration: ~1:05
Fast, reliable and safe for level 1 pets

Robert Craig
World quest: My Beast's Bidding
Location: Stormheim
Recommended strategy:
Gorm Rootstinger P/S + Crimson Spore
Fight duration: ~1:05
Fast, reliable and safe for level 1 pets

Tiffany Nelson
World quest: Fight Night: Tiffany Nelson
Location: Dalaran
Recommended strategy:
Rotten Little Helper + Squawkling S/S
Fight duration: ~1:10
Fast, reliable and safe for level 1 pets

World quest: Dealing with Satyrs
Location: Val'sharah
Recommended strategy:
Shadowbarb Hatchling + Anomalus
Fight duration: ~1:15
Rare chance of failing, but fast and safe for level 1 pets

Rydyr or Andurs
World quest: Beasts of Burden
Location: Stormheim
Recommended strategy:
Draenei Micro Defender + Any Pet with Explode
Fight duration: ~0:30
Recommended strategy:
Iron Starlette
Fight duration: ~0:40
Note: Only repeatable if you fight just one of them, so you have to choose which one you want to use for leveling.
Once you've completed this world quest you can't challenge them again!
You get less experience from them then you would get from the other tamers listed here. In return these strategies are reliable and really fast.
Since these are short fights you'll need more bandages (or more teams).

World quest: Fight Night: Amalia
Location: Dalaran
Recommended strategy:
Ranishu Runt + Voidskimmer
Fight duration: ~1:25
Rare chance of failing, but fast and safe for level 1 pets
This fight rarely requires bandages!

Bodhi Sunwayver
World quest: Fight Night: Bodhi Sunwayver
Location: Dalaran
Recommended strategy:
Servant of Demidos + Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling
Fight duration: ~1:30
Fast, reliable and safe for level 1 pets

Grixis Tinypop
World quest: Tiny Poacher, Tiny Animals
Location: Highmountain
Recommended strategy:
Father Winter's Helper + Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling
Fight duration: ~1:30
Fast and safe for level 1 pets, but there is a chance the strategy might fail to enemy crits

Trapper Jarrun
World quest: Jarrun's Ladder
Location: Stormheim
Recommended strategy:
Anomalus + Infernal Pyreclaw P/B
Fight duration: ~1:30
Reliable and safe for level 1 pets

Nightwatcher Merayl
World quest: Training with the Nightwatchers
Location: Azsuna
Recommended strategy:
Tiny Snowman + Twilight Whelpling P/S
Fight duration: ~1:35
Reliable and safe for level 1 pets

World quest: Chopped
Location: Suramar
Recommended strategy:
Kun-Lai Runt P/S or P/B + Direbeak Hatchling
Fight duration: ~1:40
Reliable and safe for level 1 pets

World quest: Training with Durian
Location: Val'sharah
Recommended strategy:
Moon-Touched Netherwhelp + Pocket Cannon
Fight duration: ~1:40
Only repeatable with Class Trial characters

Bredda Tenderhide
World quest: Training with Bredda
Location: Highmountain
Recommended strategy:
Rebuilt Mechanical Spider + Microbot XD
Fight duration: ~1:50
Reliable and safe for level 1 pets

World quest: The Master of Pets
Location: Suramar
Recommended strategy:
Mechanical Axebeak + Sprite Darter Hatchling
Fight duration: ~1:55
Reliable and safe for level 1 pets

2. Other possibilities

All the tamers listed have to be active to be usable for leveling the whole day. So what alternatives are there for days on which they aren't available?

2.1 Noteworthy Tamers

As described at the beginning these trainers grant a lot more experience than wild pets.
Therefor it is worthwile to fight those who also give 5x the experience (just like Squirt), even though they are opposable just once the day.
Admittedly you have to count in a considerable time for traveling. On the other hand you can get, besides the experience obviously, other useful rewards (even pets) and the daily quests grant a lot of experience to your character. Especially the daily routes through Pandaria and Draenor are popular for this reason. Often times characters are parked at Crysa and Environeer Bert or even at the Darkmoon Faire whenever it is active.

Warlords of Draenor Daily Quests

* Ashlei (even 6x the experience)
* Gargra
* Cymre Brightblade
* Taralune
* Vesharr
* Tarr the Terrible
Bigger Map

Mists of Pandaria Daily Quests

* Hyuna of the Shrines
* Farmer Nishi
* Mo'ruk
* Courageous Yon
* Seeker Zusshi
* Wastewalker Shu
* Aki the Chosen
* Whispering Pandaren Spirit
* Thundering Pandaren Spirit
* Burning Pandaren Spirit
* Flowing Pandaren Spirit
Bigger Map

Darkmoon Faire Daily Quests

* Jeremy Feasel
* Christoph VonFeasel

Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor daily quests

* Crysa
* Environeer Bert

Other Legion Fights (not repeatable, also require world quest)

* Beguiling Orb
World quest: Dazed and Confused and Adorable
Location: Azsuna
* Fragment of Fire
World quest: Only Pets Can Prevent Forest Fires
Location: Val'sharah
* Ominitron Defense System
World quest: Oh, Ominitron
Location: Stormheim
* Durian Strongfruit
World quest: Training with Durian
Location: Val'sharah
* Felsoul Seer
World quest: Threads of Fate
Location: Suramar
* Surging Mana Crystal
World quest: Mana Tap
Location: Suramar
* Ancient Catacomb Eggs
World quest: Clear the Catacombs
Location: Suramar
* Sissix
World quest: Illidari Masters: Sissix
Location: The Broken Shore
* Madam Viciosa
World quest: Illidari Masters: Madam Viciosa
Location: The Broken Shore
* Nameless Mystic
World quest: Illidari Masters: Nameless Mystic
Location: The Broken Shore

2.2 Wild Pets

Of course you could go to all the remaining tamers, but because of the ever decreasing experience you'll reach a point at which the time for traveling isn't worth the rewards (even character experience and other stuff) anymore. Also these remaining ones are fightable only once a day aswell.
If you are still looking for a unrestricted way of leveling your pets there is only the option of fighting wild pets left.

In this situation it is clever to find a location in which are as many predictable pets of one family as possible so it becomes easy to create a team that can counter these pets the best.

Fastest Option in the Wilderness

The fastest alternative is fighting Icespine Hatchlings in Frostfire Ridge.
With the following team you'll need just 30-60 seconds for one fight and your pets will barely lose health so they can used more often before needing to be healed.

*Pequeño ayudante podrido (1,1,1)
*Familiar felino(1,1,1)
*Level pet (should have 300-500 health)

vs. Prole de espinas gélidas
-Regalos bomba
-Regalo de Grinch
-Garrote until enemy dies
vs. 2nd enemy
-Garrote until enemy dies
vs. 3rd enemy
-swap to level pet
-swap to Familiar felino
-Piel de piedra
-Mordisco de ónice until the enemy can be killed with Devorar

change(#3) [enemy(#3).active & !self(#3).played]
change(#2) [self(#3).active]

ability(Booby-Trapped Presents:1080) [enemy(#1).active]
ability(Greench's Gift:1076) [enemy(#1).active]
ability(Stoneskin:436) [!self.aura(Stoneskin:435).exists & enemy.hpp=100]

if [enemy(#3).active & enemy.type=5 & !enemy.aura(Survive:284).exists]
ability(Devour:538) [enemy.hp<=768 & !enemy.aura(Crouch:164).exists]
ability(Devour:538) [enemy.hp<=384 & enemy.aura(Crouch:164).exists]
ability(Devour:538) [enemy.hp<=960 & self.aura(Beast:237).exists & !enemy.aura(Crouch:164).exists]
ability(Devour:538) [enemy.hp<=480 & self.aura(Beast:237).exists & enemy.aura(Crouch:164).exists]

if [enemy(#3).active & enemy.type=3]
ability(Devour:538) [enemy.hp<=338]
ability(Devour:538) [enemy.hp<=422 & self.aura(Beast:237).exists]


Thanks to Vakeetah for this great strategy and to Shenk for the TDScript!

Other noteworthy Locations and Pets

* Rayador de agua bailarín in Vale of Eternal Blossoms (~80% aquatics and ~20% fliers)
* Prole de espinas gélidas in Frostfire Ridge (~50% beasts, ~25% critters and ~25% fliers)
* Cangrejo Caparaluna in Shadowmoon Valley (Draenor) (~50% aquatics, ~30% fliers and 20% beasts)
* Critters in the Valley of the Four Winds (80% critters and 20% aquatics)
Especially the Cigarra de marismas there are good for leveling level 1 pets since there is just a small chance for them dealing damage in the first turn.
* Prole de hueso de dragón in Dragonblight (~40% fliers, 30% critters and 30% aquatics)
Appropriate for leveling for the same reason. There also is a stablemaster nearby (at the temple) who makes the leveling more enjoyable.

Of course you can look for good locations yourselve. It's all a matter of having the right pets to counter the wild ones.
As an example for fighting aquatic pets both Plumaurora dorado and Prole de pterrordáctilo are suitable and against critters every cat with Devorar will do great.
The Familiar felino is even effective against fliers and critters, has a strong protection and also a healing ability (Devorar), which is the reason why it is popular for leveling in the wilderness.
To provide a safe space for your leveling pet, a Pavo (and their named variants) can make any non-critter target sleep with Empacho comatoso. A Jabalí glacial mecánico realista can use Señuelo instead, and heal itself with Cerdada. Whether it should be slower or faster depends on whether you swap to a third pet or not, respectively.

3. Tips, tricks and hints

3.1 Increasing the Experience

Although most tamers already grant a lot of experience it can be useful to increase that even more. All of the following increases can stack:

Experience Increases

*Safari Hat: 10% more experience.
It's a toy that can be used without cooldown. You get it as a reward for the achievement Taming the World.
*Lesser Pet Treat: 25% more experience for one hour.
Used on a pet as a target, but acts as a buff on you. Available at multiple pet vendors for 5 Polished Pet Charms.
*Pet Treat: 50% more experience for one hour.
Used on a pet as a target, but acts as a buff on you. Available at multiple pet vendors for 10 Polished Pet Charms.
*Darkmoon Top Hat: 10% more experience for one hour.
You can buy it from Gelvas Grimegate for 10 Prize Tickets while the Darkmoon Faire is active. The buff can run out while your character is logget out and it will also disappear when the Faire isn't active anymore.

During the time of the Pet Battle Bonus Event you get a buff for 200% more pet experience! Look out for it in your calandar and prepare your teams.

3.2 Required Amount of Fights

Depending on the active experience increases you'll need a different amount of fights to level a pet from level 1 to 25.

This list applies for every tamer which gives 5x experience (so ​​for all the listed tamers in the guide with the exception of Andurs/Rydyr, Ashlei and of course the fights against wild pets):

Without any increases:
1st fight: 10
2nd fight: 15
3rd fight: 18
4th fight: 21
5th fight: 23
6th fight: 24
7th fight: 25

With the Safari Hat:
1st fight: 11
2nd fight: 16
3rd fight: 19
4th fight: 22
5th fight: 23
6th fight: 25

With the Safari Hat and 25% Treats:
1st fight: 12
2nd fight: 17
3rd fight: 22
4th fight: 23
5th fight: 25

With Safari Hat and 50% Treat:
1st fight: 13
2nd fight: 19
3rd fight: 22
4th fight: 25

With the Safari Hat and both Treats:
1st fight: 14
2nd fight: 20
3rd fight: 24
4th fight: 25

During the Pet Battle Bonus Event, without any further increases:
1st fight: 17
2nd fight: 24
3rd fight: 25

During the Pet Battle Bonus Event, with the Safari Hat:
1st fight: 17
2nd fight: 25

During the Pet Battle Bonus Event, with the Safari Hat and both Treats:
1st fight: 19
2nd fight: 25

3.3 Addons

Especially in a powerleveling session when you are constantly repeating the same fights it is recommended to use a certain combination of addons. With those it is possible to execute an entire pet battle just by pressing one button.

First you need Rematch + TD-Scripts to get through the fights a lot easier.
How to install and use these addons is described here:
Guide: Using Rematch + TD-Script

Once you've got those two running you can add "UltraSquirt" to speed up and simplify healing your pets and restarting a fight.
The addon works for Squirt (including healing via the nearby NPC!) as well as for the repeatable trainer fights from legion.

Now all you have to do is press the space button (default setting) to level up your pets without ever having to press something else.
Since you have to push a button for every action it is not an automatic process and therefor doesn't violate Blizzard's ToS.

Good Luck!

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