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Today I have a small update on the current development of wow-petguide.com. - - Displaying strategies is certainly the key aspect of the page. Yet all new features of the last year were accessories to that. Cool ones, like the collection viewer, but not hitting the core ... continue reading
Yesterday my web space provider performed a scheduled maintenance on wow-petguide.com. Some might have noticed the downtime of a few hours. It was indeed scheduled, but I messed up the times and thought it's next week. - - Sorry for the lack of information about it, but ... continue reading
Today is the last day of 2017 and oh boy, what a year it has been! So much new content for us pet battlers. We saw the first pet battle dungeons with the Wailing Caverns and Deadmines, dozens of new pets throughout the year, and a whole new set of family challenges with the ... continue reading

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Irayna wrote today on: Blog
I haven't really dug into this yet, but I'm already liking what I see!


wrote today on: Sangre corrupta de Argus (Bestia)
I did't have 2 speedy Zandalari so I used: - - Alpine foxling (S/S) 1,2,2 - Zandalari Anklebender (P/B) 2,1,2 - Cinder Pup (2,1,1) - - Turn 1 - Dazling dance (your Zandalari Anklebender will be forced into battle) - Turn 2 - Because of speed buff you attack first - ... [continue reading]


wrote today on: Vesharr
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wrote today on: Varenne (Elemental)
I used almost this same strategy, except I doubled up on phoenix hatchlings, with both Dark and normal hatchlings. Used Burn, Immolate, and Conflagrate on each one and used my Molten Corgi in the middle. Worked like a charm!
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